What’s surfing got to do with learning?

What have you learned this week?

I learned that it is good to have a go at new things, realise what you are capable of at the moment, and work on something by starting “where you are at”. I learned this through having my first ever surfing lesson!

It was a beautiful day, 23 degrees Celsius, a great instructor, sharing the experience with three great friends, and appreciating that although I wasn’t going to be able to stand up this time, I could still learn and appreciate what I was capable of. There was also joy in seeing others achieve when two of my friends managed to “stand up on the surfboard on an actual wave”. Although it was only for a few seconds, they were stoked and exhilarated; so was I.

My part in this was to organise the lesson when one of my guests visiting from New Zealand (originally from the UK) said “I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf”. I said “That can easily be arranged, I’ll book it right now”. I was so pleased to be there, to see them having fun and getting a sense of achievement.

It can be inspiring to learn new things, but sometimes, more exhilarating to see the joy of learning in others.

#WOLweek #WOL #learning #L&D


Middleton Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia


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