What’s surfing got to do with learning?

What have you learned this week? I learned that it is good to have a go at new things, realise what you are capable of at the moment, and work on something by starting "where you are at". I learned this through having my first ever surfing lesson! It was a beautiful day, 23 degrees … Continue reading What’s surfing got to do with learning?

SoMe so what?

SoMe, so what? Social media and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Vanessa North Social media and learning are great partners; learning by its very nature is social. In the field of learning and development the ability to connect with others has been dominated by the face-to-face vs e-learning divide. Social media crosses the divide and allows … Continue reading SoMe so what?

Blog Secret Santa and “Flipped Networking”

This is my 'Blog Secret Santa gift to Tannel Tammik - enjoy! Flipped networking It has been just over a year since I joined Twitter. I attended a conference where Helen Blunden from Melbourne ran a session on using Twitter to expand you personal learning network (PLN). Helen's enthusiasm and straightforward instructions made it easy … Continue reading Blog Secret Santa and “Flipped Networking”