Need training or facilitation?

Contact Vanessa for training and facilitation in the following areas:


  • One-on-one or group coaching and mentoring in leadership and management
  • Supercharge your leadership
  • Building brilliant business relationships
  • Leadership and management development
  • Collaborative working and why you and your organisation should be doing it
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • using emerging technologies and  social media for communication and team building eg Yammer, Twitter, Webinars

The team that leads

Want to supercharge your team? Why not work together and amplify the benefits?

An experience can be developed to suit your team, exactly what you need, exactly what you want, the way that you want it. This option includes a diagnosis and clarity session that will form the foundation of your team’s learning and growing experience. When you develop together, any team can thrive and flourish.


  • conference and meeting chairing
  • in-house business planning
  • internal conferences, meetings, and executive or staff get-togethers
  • collaborative working

If what you are looking for is not listed here, please contact me to see if I can accommodate your need or refer you to a colleague who can.

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